"We're more than roofers..."

A roof is a building’s shield. Damage occurs when an event, such as a storm or an impact, compromises a roof’s safety or ability to keep water out of the building. A failure to this part of a property can result in losses within the building itself. Depending on the time of year, you may not notice roof damage until after the snows/hail melts or the rainy season arrives.

C4 closely examines the scope of a roof repair using forensic testing to ensure all damages are reported, claimed, and 100% restored. Trust C4, to handle your roof damage claim, we have the expertise and “2016” Estimate Software to work directly with your Insurance Company. With 25 Years Experience we will work seamlessly to prove your case and maximize your capabilities of repair / replacement options.

Commercial damage sites are usually dominated by building damage. Because the building components and equipment are often commodities, replacement may be cheaper than repair. There are also many specialized commercial operations whose buildings and equipment are very sophisticated. Sustainability may be a consideration. Repair vs. Replacement and expediting of the repair is often involved.

C4’s Commercial Damage Investigation Specialist looks out for the company’s best interests. Our experienced investigators will use their expert 20 + years of knowledge to help prove the legitimacy and accuracy of your claim estimate and ensure the proper repairs. Your One Stop Shop to handle everything to ensure a from Proper Investigation, Accurate Estimation, and Restorations. Offering Complete Damage Restoration Services available anywhere in Texas.

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