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"We're MORE than roofers..."

A roof is a building’s shield, and a failure within the roof can result in losses within the building. Sometimes it's obvious, and sometimes you may not notice roof damage until it's too late. Don't find out the hard way, give us a call and let C4 Commercial Consulting & Contracting Corporation help determine the health of your roof.

C4 closely examines the well-being of a roof utilizing forensic testing, infrared technology, and on-site damage investigations. As full-scope operators, we ensure all damages are reported to your insurance provider and meet all industry standards, so that they are successfully claimed, and 100% restored.


We're MORE than roofers.

You can trust C4, with our 25 years experience we will work seamlessly with your insurance company to prove your claim and allow your business to get up and running as soon as possible.

Our Commercial Damage Investigation Specialists protect the client’s best interests on every level with their 20+ years in expertise to prove, legitimize and ensure the proper repairs to your commercial property. C4 Commercial Contracting and Consultation, is your "one-stop-shop" to restoring the building that your business depends on after disaster strikes. Contact us today and we'll schedule a free assessment.


C4 is fully licensed and insured to provide Complete Damage Restoration Services within Texas and Louisiana.

Rest assured, there are blue skies ahead.

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